Volfoni celebrates the start of Cannes’ Film Festival edition 2016








Paris, France, May 11th, 2016

Volfoni celebrates the start of Cannes’ Film Festival edition 2016

Cannes’ Film Festival 2016 starts today and will be the epicenter of the cinema world from the 11th of May to the 22 of May 2016. It will dazzle everyone with sparkles, innovative cinema, the future classics and of course 3D projections.

The waltz of great films of 69th edition will start with an opening ceremony presented by Laurent Lafitte (a French comedian) then followed by a screening of Woody Allen’s newest film Café Society.

The French company is the exclusive technical partner for 3D systems for the next three years of the Cannes Films Festival and is a major innovator in 3D cinema.

3D projections and films have literally given filmmakers a new narrative dimension not only in Cannes but in the world. The experience has allowed for an extraordinary ten out of ten films of the all-time box office having a 3D version.

Cannes has always recognized great 3D creators like Steven Spielberg or George Miller. Spielberg is now presenting his new film: the BFG for this 69th edition. And George Miller will be the jury’s president for this year, had had his last movie: Mad Max Fury Road (3D) was presented at Cannes in 2015.

During the festival, the screening of at least ten further market 3D films will be made with 3D systems by Volfoni. Thanks to Volfoni’s 3D glasses the audience and professionals will enjoy these films to their highest potential.

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About Volfoni

Volfoni is the largest European 3D equipment group and the major 3D rental company that helped to kick-start the digital take off in 2007 in France and Europe. It is a global supplier of 3D solutions and the creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystal™ Diamond. Its active 3D glasses EDGE VR have won it the leadership in virtual reality 3D installations. It is also the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology, and the patented compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D projections

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