Volfoni acquires French game middleware company Trioviz

default newsVolfoni, specialist in 3D equipment, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TriOviz, a French immersion-gaming company based in Paris and Los Angeles.

TriOviz is known for creating the first stereoscopic 3D middleware for renowned games such as Assassin’s Creed® III and Assassin’s Creed®: Revelations (Ubisoft®), Batman: Arkham City™ and Batman Arkham Asylum™ (Warner Interactive®), and Gears of War 3™ (Microsoft Studios®). With their proprietary technology, TriOviz developed these titles into highly engaging 3D games. The TriOviz for Games SDK is quick and simple to integrate, and supports all major hardware, PCs, Microsoft® Xbox 360®, Sony PlayStation® 3, and all 3D displays.

There are 51 million 3DTVs worldwide according to NPD display, 30% of LCD-LED TV sold in 2013 will be 3D compatible.

Now, Volfoni and TriOviz will join forces in the development of products for the gaming, and virtual reality industries. Volfoni, already a trusted brand for active and passive 3D cinema technology, will benefit greatly from TriOviz’s extensive game industry experience. With console and PC hardware now made for 4K resolution, the demand for visual immersion has never been higher. Combined with stereoscopic 3D and motion recognition technologies, it is an unmatched gaming experience.

“Expectations for immersion gaming are growing rapidly. With the addition of the TriOviz team’s assets, we strengthen our market share by providing simple solutions and easy access to immersion technologies,” noted Thierry Henkinet CEO and Co-founder of Volfoni. “We are positioned to make gameplay more immersive, and more fun to play.”Catch Volfoni at E3, June 11th – 13th in Los Angeles! To learn more and/or see a demo, please contact jward@volfoni.com

About Volfoni

Founded in 2007, French company Volfoni is the leading specialist in 3D equipment. Mastering the entire production process from R&D to distribution, Volfoni offers 3D technology for all applications, from 3D cinema, to immersive simulation, to industries encompassing engineering, home theater, and gaming.

To meet a growing demand for 3D products, Volfoni has invested heavily in R&D to become one of the few companies in the world offering both active and passive 3D solutions. Volfoni products are appreciated by the most demanding users because they answer, in a creative way, the constantly changing needs of the 3D industry.


About TriOviz 3D Technology:

The TriOviz for Games SDK (Software Development Kit) leverages a game’s existing three-dimensional graphics information to greatly enhance depth perception, geometry volume and position of gaming characters and environments. Game developers can maintain the resolution, performance and gameplay integrity of their AAA console games all while running in 3D stereoscopic mode.


TriOviz for Games Technology has already been used in eight AAA console games: Assassin’s Creed® III (Ubisoft®), Assassin’s Creed®: Revelations (Ubisoft®), Batman: Arkham City™ (Warner Interactive®), Gears of War 3™ (Microsoft Studios®), Captain America: Super Soldier™ (Sega®), Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters™ (Warner Interactive®), Thor: God of Thunder™ (Sega®), Enslaved: Odyssey to the West™ (Namco Bandai®), Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY™ (Warner Interactive®).


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