Volfoni and Scrabble Entertainment Deliver SmartCrystal Diamond Dual 3D Technology to Middle East’s Largest Cinema Screen

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Volfoni and Scrabble Entertainment deliver leading 3D technology to Roxy Cinemas, Dubai.

Paris, France, January 17th, 2023 — Volfoni, a global leader in 3D cinema technologies, have confirmed that Scrabble Entertainment, a technology integrator for the Middle East and India’s leading provider of end-to-end digital cinema solutions, have successfully installed the SmartCrystal Diamond Dual at the Middle East’s largest cinema screen.

After installing the Harkness Spectral 240 curved cinema screen, totalling 28m in width and 15.1m in height, at Roxy Cinemas in Dubai Hills Mall, Dubai, Scrabble selected Volfoni’s SmartCrystal Diamond Dual as the solution to deliver immaculate and immersive 3D images to complete a project of the highest specification.

“The auditorium we have established at Roxy Cinemas represents excellence on every level”, explained Pruthu Shah, CEO at Scrabble Entertainment. “By drawing upon Volfoni’s technology to partner the largest cinema screen in the Middle East and provide captivating 3D experiences, we’re delivering on our ambition to fashion a world-beating cinematic environment.”

By harnessing the device’s triple beam technology, Roxy Cinemas can offer excellent picture sharpness with remarkable light efficiency. This combination of components will create a highly optimised viewing platform in which local audiences can embrace blockbuster content in captivating, first-class 3D.

Araceli Vaello, CCO at Volfoni, added, “contributing to a project of this magnitude truly symbolises the power of Volfoni’s 3D performance. Our SmartCrystal Diamond technology is specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of large formats, making it the optimum solution for Roxy Cinema’s state-of-the-art auditorium.”

A leading solution in passive 3D technology, the SmartCrystal Diamond Dual comprises of a standalone motorised dual glass polarised filter which acts as a dual projection automated system for large screen formats. Optimised for High Frame Rate (HFR) content and compatible with all DCI projectors, the SmartCrystal Diamond Dual delivers unparalleled, high-performance 3D effects to create a premium visual experience.

“We’re delighted to be working with some of the leading forces in cinema to create a unique movie-going environment”, said Murray Rea, Director of Operations at Roxy Cinemas. “With the help of Scrabble Entertainment and Volfoni’s SmartCrystal Dual technology, we can provide our customers with a magical experience like no other.”

Roxy Cinemas’ pioneering auditorium is now open for moviegoers.


About Volfoni:

Volfoni Limited, based in Paris, is the largest European 3D system company and a global brand with award winning products such as the SmartCrystal™ Diamond for the cinema industry and the Edge VR™ Active Glasses for the virtual reality industry. Visit www.volfoni.com.

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Volfoni: Araceli Vaello | avaello@volfoni.com


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