Asia Cinema installs Volfoni’s SmartCrystal™ DUAL to equip Cine Hall “Oktyabr”

Cinema Hall “Oktyabr”


MOSCOW, RUSSIA September 06th, 2016


Asia Cinema installs Volfoni’s SmartCrystal™ DUAL-Automatic 3D system in Cinema Hall “Oktyabr

Cinema Hall “Oktyabraims as finest 3D experience for their audience by selecting Volfoni’s SmartCrystal™ DUAL-Automatic 3D system for their largest theater of the Sakhalin region

Volfoni, the globally known French 3D equipment specialist, announced today a new installation with AsiaCinema, one of the leading Russian cinema integrators and the Russian cinema exhibitor GAUK Kinodosogovoe Obyedinenie.

The largest theatre of all the Sakhalin region which opened last May, was equipped with Volfoni’s DUAL 3D system.

“We are proud to use Volfoni 3D system in our PLF screen and we are completely happy about the result” says Yanshin Denis CEO of GAUK Kinodosogovoe Obyedinenie.

“Volfoni solution was the only one which completely gives perfect brightness, very low level of ghosting in that complete installation.” Explains Arseniy Kuzminich, Director of Asia Cinema

“By selecting our SmartCrystal™ DUAL-Automatic 3D system, Cinema Hall “Oktyabr”, assures to have a huge light for large screens and the highest and best quality DUAL system in the market for double projection installations.” says Alain Chamaillard, Managing Director, EMEA & CIS at Volfoni.


About Cinema Hall “Oktyabr”



Concert Hall “October” has opened its doors on November 15, 1967.

Despite its advanced age, it still holds the leadership position in the regional film industry.

Located on the most beautiful street of the regional capital – Communist street – “October” is considered as one of the most favorite places for the people of the island of Sakhalin and its visitors. Until 2011 “October” is the largest one room cinema in the region of Sakhalin, seated for 814 spectators. Its large screen (21 x 10 meters) allows to project all the existing image formats and provide optimum visibility without any restrictions.


About Asia Cinema


Asia Cinema

Asia Cinema is a project-installation company that has been specializing on complex providing of professional cinema equipment for movie theatres for 10 years.

Since 2004 Asia Cinema has installed more than 700 digital movie theatres in 177 cities of Russia and NIS countries and it keeps firmly the second among the three leader integrators of cinema equipment. The customers of Asia Cinema are large theatre chains and small movie theatres in removed areas of the country, state and private movie theatres. We don’t divide our customers into small or large, important or not – the quality of our work doesn’t depend on order quantity. Please, visit our website for further information.


About Volfoni

Volfoni is the largest European 3D equipment group with and the major 3D rental company that helped to kick-start the digital take off in 2007 in France and Europe. It is a global supplier of 3D solutions and the creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystalTM Diamond. Its active 3D glasses EDGE VR have won it the leadership in virtual reality 3D installations. It is also the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology, and the patented compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D projections.

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