The future of 3D: SMARTCRYSTAL™ DIAMOND of Volfoni for the “Romanov Cinema”

thumb_519_default_news“The place for those who have the sense of quality movies” among Muscovites is called “Romanov Cinema”. The cinema has 3 auditoriums (64 seats) with 11 years of history and they have always been equipped with most advanced technologies. Among the recent innovations the “Romanov Cinema” has installed in its three auditoriums, Volfoni’s passive 3D system, which is quickly gaining popularity: the SmartCrystal™ Diamond.

The cooperation between the manufacturer of 3D equipment Volfoni and the integrator AsiaCinema began six years ago with a seemingly casual conversation. “At the time, XPand was the leading manufacturer of the market and when representatives of Volfoni came to KinoExpo to present their 3D glasses, we examined the samples. We discussed what could be the ideal glasses for the audience. I was pretty surprised when, two years later Volfoni launched the glasses we talked about. We have been partners from this moment on.” Says the CEO of AsiaCinema, Arseny Kuzminich.

Volfoni is characterized by sensitivity to the needs of its customers and its quick response to their changes and market requirements, offering new and innovative solutions to allow the best cinema experience. The SmartCrystal™ Diamond is a striking example, it is a product with unique features. The system is attractive for the cinema technically and economically. Technically, the SmartCrystal™ Diamond is a 3D system based on the latest Triple-Beam technology which allows bright and clear 3D images with a light efficiency near to 30%. Additionally, the system is fully adapted to cinemas showing films with a high frame rate (HFR).

From an economic perspective, the intelligent use of SmartCrystal™ Diamond of Volfoni enables cinemas to quickly amortize their costs, thanks to exceptional savings in operations. Inexpensive and easy to use 3D glasses added to the system present yet another economic advantage. A crucial point: the system comes ready to use without license or others strings attached. The movie theater simply buys the product and becomes the owner. All these features are very important for an operator because they directly improve the profit.

“We always await with interest the innovations of Volfoni, because one products is always more interesting than another. To date, we plan to install several other SmartCrystal ™ Diamonds because we can say with confidence that the market appreciates the benefits of the system.” Said Arseny Kuzminich.

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About AsiaCinema

AsiaCinema is a project-installation company that has been specializing on complex providing of professional cinema equipment for movie theatres for 10 years. Since 2004 AsiaCinema has installed more than 500 digital movie theatres in 177 cities of Russia and NIS countries and it keeps firmly the second among the three leaders integrators of cinema equipment. The customers of AsiaCinema are large theatre chains and small movie theatres in removed areas of the country, state and private movie theatres. We don’t divide our customers into small or large, important or not –the quality of our work doesn’t depend on order quantity. Please, visit our website for further information.

About Volfoni

Volfoni is the global 3D technology solutions leader and creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystal™ Diamond. It is the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology and the patented compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D Systems. Volfoni has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Valencia, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and representations in Brazil and India.

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