Volfoni Welcomes RealD’s Utility Model Patent Invalidation in China

thumb_503_default_newsOn May 7, 2015, RealD saw another of its Utility Model (“UM”) Patent (CN 203433207U) invalidated in China. The Chinese Patent Re-Examination Board declared that this UM patent was not bringing enough novelty and innovation.

This is the second invalidation that RealD is facing in just over a month which confirms RealD’s lack of innovation capacity and inventiveness. On March 27, 2015, RealD already had one of its patent invalidated in Russia by the Russian Patent Office for the same reasons.

RealD used these patents as a threat to intimidate members of the cinema industry that were finding better value in alternative superior 3D solutions with Triple Beam Technology, and in particular Volfoni’s SmartCrystal™ Diamond 3D cinema system.

Despite RealD’s unfounded threats and intimidation, Volfoni continues to offer its innovative and top of the class SmartCrystal™ Diamond throughout Russia and China. With over 300 units shipped, it is the most chosen Triple Beam 3D System in the world.

About Volfoni

Volfoni is the global 3D technology solutions leader and creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystal™ Diamond. It is the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology and the compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D Systems. Volfoni has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Valencia, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and representations in Brazil and India


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