Volfoni consolidates its presence in the field of Theme Parks

Volfoni consolidates its presence in the field of Theme Parks


Dinópolis, a science and leisure park dedicated to Paleontology and dinosaurs, has premiered its season with a new audiovisual system of the above mentioned 3D technology global provider.

The new season of Territorio Dinópolis was released last March 11 with news. On one hand, two new dinosaurs in the thematic area of ​​’Tierra Magna’ with relation to the dinosaurs found in the province of Teruel: a Torvosaurus, a mega carnivore 12 meters long in attack position; and the reconstruction of the complete skeleton of the largest dinosaur in Europe, Turiasaurus riodevensis.

From the other hand and for those who love dinosaurs and the latest audiovisual technology. A new 3D cinema room has been built. It reinvents itself thanks to a floating screen of 30m² and the latest audiovisual technology: state-of-the-art projectors and a 7.1 Dolby digital sound system. This new digital cinema system joins the premiere of the new movie in three dimensions: “The Lost World”.

Thus, it should be noted that the 3D supplier chosen by the theme park for the renovation of the room has been Volfoni. For the installation and engineering of the project, the company chosen was Proyecson/ CinemaNext España.

“From Dinópolis we have chosen to improve the contents of the park and have new features for the new season, with a revamped 3D cinema and the premiere of a new movie, and like that be at the height of the best projection rooms and thus to be able to enhance and enjoy the latest qualities that audiovisual productions in 3D offer today”, emphasizes the Managing Director of Dinópolis, Higinia Navarro.

“We have equipped Dinópolis with the same technology and design of a commercial cinema: high-bright digital projectors, a spectacular sound system and the innovative P-SBOX 15 boothless that Proyecson/ Cinemanext manufactures at the Technology Park of Paterna in Valencia. With the new equipment and technology of Volfoni, Dinópolis’ visitors will enjoy a superior image quality to that of many Spanish 3D cinemas” – says Francisco Lafuente CEO of CinemaNext España.

“We are delighted to consolidate our growth in other sectors than cinema, and the theme parks sector is one of them. As in theaters, Dinópolis’ visitors will be able to enjoy one of the best 3D cinema systems”    – says Alain Chamaillard, Managing Director of Volfoni EMEA & CIS. “We are working hard to provide the best quality and create an environment where viewers feel part of every scene”.

About Territorio Dinópolis


It is formed by a main park in Teruel and by other seven centers in different localities of its province. Territorio Dinópolis combines science and leisure to live close the fascinating world of Paleontology and dinosaurs.



About CinemaNext


CinemaNext is the largest film exhibition services company in Europe with offices in more than 20 countries, offering intelligent and complete solutions. From projection equipment, audio systems, central systems, film equipment, content management, 3D projection systems and glasses, TMS, digital signage, screens, seats and NOC SAT services and consulting. In Spain, the company has five offices to offer the best service in the entire peninsula, with headquarters and production unit in the Technology Park of Paterna/Valencia.


About Volfoni


Volfoni is a global provider of 3D solutions and the creator of the award-winning 3D cinema system SmartCrystal ™ Diamond. Its 3D EDGE VR optical glasses have gained the lead in 3D virtual reality installations. He is also the inventor of Surface Switching technology and the compact triple beam technology for Hi-LEF 3D systems. Volfoni has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Valencia, Hong Kong and representations in Brazil and Dubai.

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