Intertech Middle East installs Volfoni’s Active systems to equip Abu Dhabi’s New York University

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates November 21st, 2016

A man using the Volfoni's virtual reality solution in a cave
Volfoni 3D virtual reality solution


Intertech Vision, Middle East in association with Volfoni, TechViz & ART, designed this unique front projection CAVE, meeting the budget and space challenges of this project.

Headed by Dr. Mohammad Eid, AIMLab is currently developing research for Museum Visualization with 3D scanned imagery and 3D models, interacting with the models and layouts in virtual reality environment, stitching the 3D scanned imagery and 3D models.

The other research project is for the design and development of haptics. Today, haptic devices find use in assistive surgical robotics and most of the tele-operation systems. These devices are also extensively utilized in simulators to train medical and military personnel. The objective of this work is to analyze and enhance Haptic device with a new structure that has the potential to increase the precision of the robotic operation.

“Intertech Vision did help in materializing our concept for AIM VR Solutions with different designs which allow us to select the best to fit our allocated space and budget with the most professional 3Sided CAVE in a budget friendly solution, all the brands & technologies selected by Intertech Vision – Middle East to build this CAVE were the standard of the VR Solutions worldwide.

With Volfoni EDGE VR glasses & ActivHub RF50 we were granted the privilege of stability signal coverage with great interference immunity, the comfort even with hours of use, in addition to the incomparable image quality preserved in every point in the CAVE.” says Dr. Mohamed Eid , Director of Applied Interactive Multimedia (AIM) Laboratory.

“Volfoni is our trusted partner for all the VR solutions implemented by Intertech Vision, First with the wide verity of technologies Volfoni had; we can find a solution for whatever the VR requirements are.

Second, the ultimate professional support and care they are giving for each project in all phases – starting from the techno-commercial proposal till the after sales support – , is extremely distinguished for us and for our end users.” explains Hossam Hosny, Sales Manager, Visualization Solutions at Intertech Vision ME

“It’s a real pleasure for Volfoni to have contributed in this incredible and interesting project together with such big players in the VR market. We are very proud to work in collaboration with Intertech Vision and AIMLab and we’re looking forward to continue to contribute in new important developments for the virtual reality market” says Alain Chamaillard, Managing Director, EMEA & CIS at Volfoni.

About NYU Abu Dhabi

Logo New York University | Abu Dhabi
Logo New York University | Abu Dhabi

NYU’s agreement with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to create NYU Abu Dhabi is the outcome of a shared understanding of the essential roles and challenges of higher education in the 21st century.

NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to the principles of shared governance (NYU Faculty Handbook, May 13, p. 12) and has established a variety of representative bodies and institutional procedures for their implementation.

The Applied Interactive Multimedia (AIM) research group is working with diverse facets of interactive multimedia and immersive multimodal systems. Our interest includes the conception, engineering and utilization of novel haptic interfaces as a new media in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). AIM investigates the acquisition, communication, and display of spatial, temporal, and physical knowledge of perceived reality through the human sense of touch and the integration/coordination of this knowledge with other sensory displays (such as audio, video, text, smell, etc.) in a general multimedia system. Several applications are of our interest including multimodal learning, gaming and interpersonal communication.

About Intertech Vision ME

Logo InterTech Vision Middle East
Logo InterTech Vision Middle East

Intertech Vision is one of the leading control room & VR specialists who change the original VR concept. With over 140 installations in the region, INTERTECH is the leading designer / integrator for professional display solutions. Fully committed to quality, INTERTECH is certified by industrial leading manufacturers and is ISO9001-2008 certified. The company offers full integratation, technical support as well as on-site training. INTERTECH is business partener with the worldwide recognized manufacturers for VR solutions like Volfoni, BARCO, TechViz & ART Traking .

About Volfoni

Volfoni is the largest European 3D equipment group with and the major 3D rental company that helped to kick-start the digital take off in 2007 in France and Europe. It is a global supplier of 3D solutions and the creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystalTM Diamond. Its active 3D glasses EDGE VR have won it the leadership in virtual reality 3D installations. It is also the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology, and the patented compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D projections.

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