Diamonds for brighter 3D in Russia

thumb_502_default_newsThe Russian cinema integrator Merlin and Volfoni, the 3D cinema specialist, announced today that again, three more cinema exhibitors have chosen the SmartCrystal™ Diamond as their passive 3D system of choice. They join growing number (T)of Diamond users in Russia, following the footsteps of the joint showroom from Disney and Sony in Moscow.

The decision to choose the SmartCrystal Diamond for KinoMost (Samara), Tripingvina (Cheboksary) and Aerohall (Tolyatti) is explained by Anatoly Chernikov (Commercial Director) from Merlin saying: “if you want to be the best cinema, you need to have the brightest 3D. And […] customers wanted to get rid of heavy active glasses. Thus, the Diamond was the perfect decision. In this matter we relied on the Volfoni brand, as one of the most famous companies, and did not lose. We have a happy audience and happy customers now!”

Volfoni’s Managing Director EMEA Russia and CIS, Alain Chamaillard adds: “We thank our partners in Russia for the good and trustful relationship. We value the cooperation with them, giving us continuous feedback to make even better 3D systems”. The SmartCrystal™ Diamond is today, the most successful triple-beam system in the Cinema industry, with over 500 units actually sold. It provides high brightness with nearly 30% LEF, improving the 3D experience and reducing the operating costs of 3D.

About Volfoni

Volfoni is the global 3D technology solutions leader and creator of the award winning 3D cinema system, SmartCrystal™ Diamond. It is the inventor of the Surface Switching Technology and the compact Triple Beam Technology for Hi-LEF 3D Systems. Volfoni has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Valencia, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and representations in Brazil and India

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About Merlin

Merlin company was founded in 2002. Today, Merlin is one of the leading companies in Russia for the delivery and installation of a full range of modern film equipment and furniture, design, construction and technological service to cinemas. Merlin company has long and successfully cooperated with the worlds largest suppliers of cinema equipment.


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