Qingdao Volfoni-Rio Launches Lawsuit against GetD

Qingdao Volfoni-Rio Launches Lawsuit against GetD


7th July 2017

Volfoni and Qingdao Volfoni-Rio today jointly announced that Volfoni’s manufacturing and sales partner in China, Qingdao Volfoni-Rio, has launched a lawsuit in the Shenzhen Court in China against the parent company of GetD for patent infringement on their triple beam 3D cinema products that GetD is currently manufacturing and selling.

The lawsuit, which was authorized by Volfoni, targets Shenzhen Future 3D Technology Limited, the owner of the GetD brand, for infringement of Volfoni’s China patent no. CN201320848220.0.

The lawsuit intends to prove infringement of Volfoni’s intellectual property rights, and further demand that GetD immediately cease the manufacturing and selling of their infringing products, and destroy all existing finished goods inventory.

“Volfoni is one of the leading innovators for 3D cinema technology systems.  We have developed a strong portfolio of intellectual property, backed by an equally strong portfolio of global patents,” said Thierry Henkinet, Chief Executive Officer of Volfoni.  “We do not welcome unlawful infringement of our patents, and we fully expect other companies to respect Volfoni’s intellectual property rights.”

This announcement follows the recent announcement of Freedeo filing lawsuits against GetD and Le-Vision in China.


About Volfoni


Volfoni, based in Paris, is the largest European 3D system company and a global brand with award winning products like the SmartCrystal Diamond for the Cinema Industry and the Edge VR active glasses for the Virtual Reality Industry.


About Qingdao Volfoni-Rio


Qingdao Volfoni-Rio Company Limited, based in Qingdao, China, is the exclusive manufacturer and sales partner of Volfoni and Volfoni 3D cinema products in China.


Media Contact


Allen Schoonmaker | aschoonmaker@volfoni.com

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